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Collection of music videos of the anime series, One Piece.
Enjoy listening to these music. Some of them are HD, original music videos and also contains lyrics on screen (karaoke) so you may also sing along with your favorite ones!

Opening Songs list
OP1: Vic Mignogna – We Are
OP2: Meredith McCoy – Believe
OP3: The Babystars – Hikari E
OP3: Vic Mignogna – Towards the Light
OP4: Brina Palencia – Bon Voyage
OP4: Bon-Bon Blanco – Bon Voyage
OP5: BOYSTYLE – Kokoro no Chizu
OP6: D-51 – Brand New World
OP7: – We Are (Straw Hat Version)
OP8: Tackey & Tsubasa – Crazy Rainbow
OP9: 5050 – Jungle P
OP10: Tohoshinki – We Are! (Remix)
OP11: Tohoshinki – Share The World
OP12: Mari Yaguchi – Kaze wo Sagashite
OP13: ROOTLESS – One day
OP14: Namie Amuro – Fight Together
OP15: Hiroshi Kitadani – We Go!
OP16: Kota Shinzato – Hands Up!
OP17: AAA – Wake up!

Ending Songs list
ED1: Brina Palencia – Memories
ED3: TOMATO CUBE – Watashi ga iru Yo
ED4: Suitei-Shoujo – Shouchi no Suke
ED4: Stephanie Young – That’s a Fact!
ED5: Carli Mosier – Before Dawn
ED6: Leah Clark – Fish
ED7: Caitlin Glass – Glory ~Because You’re Here~ (English)
ED7: Takako Uehara – Glory ~Kimi ga iru Kara~
ED8: Justin Houston – Shining Ray
ED9: Kristina Sa – Free Will
ED10: Ruppina – Faith
ED11: ZZ – A to Z
ED12: Stephanie Young – Moon and Sun
ED13: Jessi James – Dreamship
ED14: Tackey & Tsubasa – Mirai Koukai
ED15: Asia Engineer – Eternal Pose
ED16: TRIPLANE – Dear Friends
ED17: Tohoshinki – Asu ga Kuru Kara
ED18: Delicatessen – Adventure World

Other videos
Various funny videos and an awesome compilation of One Piece Cosplay (Costume Play)

We do not own any of the videos in the list, they are hosted and found on Youtube’s website.
These videos are provided for enjoyment of every fans of One Piece.

No Copyright infringement intended.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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